The magic beans

magic beans!
(photo taken from google)

I am a big fan of coffee, the magic beans. How it cant be? Its a magic healer and I used to make coffee for many purpose in my aspects of life. Not just for a drink but also for beauty.

my favorite drink

As a drink, it can magically heals my headache. I often hit by migraine and a cup of coffee is enough to heal it, happen most of the time 🙂 so I need no aspirin at all, sometimes. And coffee also helps me to relieve my constipation.

Becoz of my fondness upon coffee, I dont use it only for drinks, but also for body scrubs. Its easy and cheap to make a natural body scrubs from coffee powder, just add coffee powder with sufficient amount of water or baby oil if desired, and scrubbed it all over your body before taking shower. It can leaves your skin softer and smoother with a scent of coffee on your skin after, my favorite! sstt.. from sources that I ever read somewhere, coffee scrubbing can also reduced cellulite on your skin 😉


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