its all about the right time..

Life keep brings surprise each and every day. In this mid year of 2014, there are two surprising things happened in the world (from my point of view :D)

chris n gwyneh daily mail

picture courtesy of Google and Dailymail UK

The first one was the split of (seems likely) the perfect couple in the world, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Partlow. They marriage seemed out of troubles and they seemed to made for each other, the handsome romantic musician with the gorgeous actress with happy kids lasting for some years going strong, seemed to be a perfect life and perfect couple.

What a sad.. I know Hollywood marriage cant be a standard for a everlasting and eternal love but, it still sad to know that two people who was madly in love at each other can be separated after years of marriage.

george clooney

(picture courtesy of Google ) The happy newly engaged couple

And another surprise is coming from the eternal bachelor Mr. George Clooney who finally engaged to be married to his latest girlfriend, a Lebanese lawyer and humanitarian, Amal Alamuddin. What a surprised! Before Clooney stated himself was never going married coz simply he wasnt good at it. Well done Ms. Amal, well done..

Maybe lots of people questioned what the secret weapon she has to finally made Mr. Clooney surrender himself to tied the knot, coz as all people around the world knows, George Clooney always has the way out to break all the chains her women tried to bond him.

All his women are pretty, and in high standards but why her? why this pretty A list lawyer?. Well, I have my own answer for this. She met him at the right time. yes, simply the right time!

She might be very pretty, highly educated and one of the best lawyer in the world that represent many A list people, but I believe that is not the factor why she can tied the most wanted bachelor on earth into engagement that leads to marriage. The only factor is just the right timing.

photo (1)

its just about the right time (photo courtesy of Google and Path)

Life is always giving surprises, u will never know when or where u will find the one. I dont know who is the one for me. Have I met him yet? Or will I meet him at the right time?

well, I just wish so…


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