It’s a Sunny Day in a Sunny Island

Last year in October 2014 and the beginning of this 2015, I have spent holiday in Bali, my favorite sunny island and holiday destination, ever!

What I like about Β Bali? Take a look at these photos and tell me u are not fallin’ love..

Here it goes….

Para sailing anyone?

Parasailing anyone?

Taken from where I lay, I can see parasailing. Me and my friends stayed in Tanjung Benoa, Bali which is know as the best places for water sport.

Not only parasailing, there are so many water sport available, such as kite surfing, jetski, banana boat, scuba diving, snorkeling and many more.

I didnt try any of those, I mostly already tried tried snorkeling and banana boat in other places I have been, but for another challenging water sport? i think i haven’t got any guts to do that, maybe next time.

There are not a sight of surfers here, of course bcoz this beach is not kind of a wavy one, so thats why this beach more suitable for waters sport than surfing.

And also, the atmosphere of the surrounding is very far different with Kuta, we’ll talk about Kuta later. Here in Tanjung Benoa, there are more lots of big resort and hotel that more family friendly , calm and child friendly. So if u have a plan to bring your family and kids to Bali, Tanjung Benoa is the good place to spend time in. Good restaurants, calm and peaceful vibe to rest with your family and little kids. I stayed in here in Tanjung Benoa becoz one of my friend bring a 3 years old kid, well, we sure did have a good time, u can tell by this pic.

He has a good vibes with this place :D

He has a good vibes with this place πŸ˜€


Morning Sight


Mr. Sun going up


Eat well Steak Restaurant

My friend recommend this as one of a good steak restaurant in Bali. Big bites and juice steak.

Well, I can say she is right, and what more satisfying is that the price is affordable. Me likey :p

I dont quite remember the exact location but its around Legian or Seminyak.

The restaurant is not really big but its a good place coz u can seat and see people walking past in the crowded Legian street (or Seminyak, I cant remember ).


Happy Faces!


Full Team with selfie stick in front of Mbok Limbok restaurant


Lemme take a selfie


Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola, one of the well known restaurant in Bali. we’ve got to go there coz seems everyone who goes to Bali at least once tried Motel Mexicola. The food is quite good, but i dont say it’s amazing, but just good. They make the atmosphere there maybe like in Mexico, I dont know, I have never been to mexico, but by the name tells it, maybe it feels like in Mexico.

They serve food in big plates, I dont know it it bcoz of in Bali where most of the tourist are from abroad, or maybe its that how they serve it in Mexico, as an Indonesian, I dont eat big plates, so I share it with my friends, fair enough :P.


Lemme take a selfie (again.. ;p)


Hello Kuta Beach! Heaven for surfers


Starbucks anytime, anywhere


Long way to (tummy) heaven


Ohhhh, crab!!! Heavenly Delicious

This is one of my favorite, crab!

Few hours before I flew back to Jakarta, me and my friend have a delicious lunch in a authentic crab restaurant near the highway to the airport of Denpasar.

This is more satisfying for me than any western restaurant I’ve been dine in around Bali. Not just because I love crab but the restaurant itself stands on the crab farm. Isn’t it great?! We ate fresh from the holes! And also we can choose the size or the crab we want, with some different variation of cooks. Its awesome, totally! But for those who can’t stand the spicy ones, be careful, it might burns your mouth! In a good way hehe.


I love my tan :p


See U soon Bali

I dont care how many times I already come to Bali, i just never get enough..But next time, I will try the party scene of Bali that everyone probably already known of, Kuta, yes, it will be great.. See u soon Bali.. I will never get enough of u.. πŸ˜‰


Hello Sunday..

This year should be awesome!

This year should be awesome!

It’s been so long since the last time I wrote here, I haven’t welcomed 2015 yet not said goodbye to 2014, and here I am struggling in the early year of 2015, You are welcome πŸ™‚

There are lots of things going in a year, my younger sister got married and yet I’m still trying hard to find mr.right.

From all I know, apparently there is no mr. right. there’s only mr.right now and mr. who-want-to-be-right-with. So far my search still going on, and I havent got the clue yet what I could find along the way, but I will still going.

But one thing for sure, in this year, I will more focus on myself. i will learn how to appreciate myself more, how to take care of myself first, how to be patience, and more importantly, knowing what i really want for my life.

It might be easier to deal with other people, but it way more difficult to deal with myself.

Before I can get what I want, I surely should really figure out what I really want.

I wanna make a peace with myself. Sent away all the resentment and accept me the way I am. And using what the most valuable quality of mine. I might never be better than anyone else, but I am as good as them, beyond good.

I’m gonna make a good kick off of this year. I’m gonna make this year awesome!