Hello Sunday..

This year should be awesome!

This year should be awesome!

It’s been so long since the last time I wrote here, I haven’t welcomed 2015 yet not said goodbye to 2014, and here I am struggling in the early year of 2015, You are welcome 🙂

There are lots of things going in a year, my younger sister got married and yet I’m still trying hard to find mr.right.

From all I know, apparently there is no mr. right. there’s only mr.right now and mr. who-want-to-be-right-with. So far my search still going on, and I havent got the clue yet what I could find along the way, but I will still going.

But one thing for sure, in this year, I will more focus on myself. i will learn how to appreciate myself more, how to take care of myself first, how to be patience, and more importantly, knowing what i really want for my life.

It might be easier to deal with other people, but it way more difficult to deal with myself.

Before I can get what I want, I surely should really figure out what I really want.

I wanna make a peace with myself. Sent away all the resentment and accept me the way I am. And using what the most valuable quality of mine. I might never be better than anyone else, but I am as good as them, beyond good.

I’m gonna make a good kick off of this year. I’m gonna make this year awesome!


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