Attention W*ore

When we are in the phase of broken heart, seems that every song that we heard is reflected our feelings. That is happening to me. True.

And lately, I’ve been heard Miley Cyrus’s song called “wrecking ball” and I feel like, that’s exactly how I feel right now, she is so right, every word really does reflected my situation right now, how I feel, how he might feel, how I done to him and etc, etc, until finally I saw the original video clip of “Wrecking ball” last nite on youtube.

Here it is :

Umm, Miley… what the f*ck…

First of all, the video is not really does visualized the meaning of the song, except of the giant construction ball that can be called the “ball” itself, that’s how the song called wrecking ball.

And really? Does she understand the concept of sexy? is she really mean that swinging on giant construction ball naked and licking a hammer can be categorized as “sexy”? Seriously??  I am a woman, and I dont think that kind of act can be defined as sexy at all, even in a strip club if I’m being a stripper myself, all I can see just an mental illness patient that escapes from the mental institution.

I always think that I am crazy, sometimes I really feel like I am acting like an attention w*ore, but only for certain person, but now everytime I see Miley Cyrus in that video clip, I feel like more normal..

Well, thanks God, I am the 90’s generation era, Spice Girls is definitely more classy and sexy, and I dont know what the trend of porn nowadays but I hope licking a hammer is not one of them, even with the guys on Magic Mike.

Well, at least my eyes got a good rebound after seeing the original video of Wrecking Ball, the parody is way more entertaining and make me laugh hahaha